Mango Hot Sauce

Bottle of Smokin' Mango Wild Child Sauce

Mango hot sauce is the perfect match when you need some heat with some sweetness. Smokin’ Mango currently comes in two varieties – Wild Child and Mild Child. Depending on how much heat you love on the food you’re about to eat is all that matters. Either sauce will taste great. 

While there is mango in these sauces, the ingredient that is bringing the heat is some orange habanero peppers! Along with the pepper is a little maple syrup to give the sauce a little bit of sweetness.

Bottle of Smokin' Mango Mild Child Sauce

Awesome Attributes About
Smokin’ Mango’s Sauces:

  • Fat Free
  • All Natural
  • No Artifical Ingredients
  • No Preservatives
  • Low Sodium

Now that you know how awesome Smokin’ Mangos sauces are. Be sure to grab a bottle, or better yet, get a case so you never run out. You’ll want to use these sauces on everything and your friends and family will want some too!

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